Premium equipment for keepers and coaches at all levels of the game

Stick to your goal!

Elite Sport is one of the fastest growing goalkeeper glove brands currently in the World. They are developed by and only for goalkeepers with the professional keeper in mind. Our work on perfection will reflect this and bring us closer to our goalkeepers whether you are a professional, coach, parent or a grassroots keeper. We are proud to be totally independent, striving to be closest to our customers, our players and our business partners.

Quality is one key element of Elite Sport; years of University study means knowledge, experience which is the engine of our progress; a unique patented German latex which results to create the best grip, durability and fit along with great modern designs.

Guided by this knowledge, the passion for the sport and experience we want to supply the best quality gloves for amateur and professionals by analyzing the market, foreseeing trends and understanding the customer needs all in one hand.

As a global acting sports glove supplier we certainly take our responsibility regarding social movement by being a partner of Sportsclub Only Friends in the Netherlands. The Sports Club is for kids and youngsters with a disability and Elite Sport provide their goalkeepers with the best gloves on the market!

Our mission is clear: if Elite Sport doesn’t have it, you don’t need it!